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self-published author

In this exciting e-course, filled with notes, videos and printable PDFs, you will learn step-by-step methods to creating, writing and publishing your very own book! Find out what it takes to become a published author on Amazon! Sign up today!

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Choosing the right title will be the single most important marketing decision you will ever make. Learn tips on how to title your book.


Getting started can be a challenge. Gain insight on steps you can take before writing your book that will help make the book writing process much easier.


It's whats inside that counts! Discover online tools that will help you design the perfect cover (front and back) and interior format for your book.


With a dose of strategy, vision and hard work, you can have a great launch that gets your book into the hands of your market. See proven tips that work!

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What You'll Learn in

This Course

  • The process to getting started

  • How to effectively title your book

  • How to navigate through the writing process

  • How to narrow down and arrange the chapters in your book

  • What resources are available to edit and format your book

  • How to upload your files and publish your book on Amazon

One-time Payment



3 Monthly Payments


Includes 10 months free access to course
Working from Home


"I took Ayannah's class and now two children's books and a coloring book later, I am an author! Ayannah's class gave me the push I needed and the information I needed to know that it is possible! The information was simple to understand! Thank you Ayannah!"


-Amber Martin

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